My girls

My girls are Sara and Sammi — they were the ones who started the craze in my house!

Sara passed away on Halloween. Adrenal disease took Sara, and old age took Sammi.

Sara was quiet and princess-like. Sammi was wild…you could actually see her thinking of how she was going to get into something she wasn’t suppose to.

I don’t think Sammi was every the same after Sara passed, she seemed lonely. I believe she missed her — they grew up together, lived very happily for 7 years.

I still miss them so very much.

I now share my home and love with 6 — 3 boys,3 girls, I love all my babies. I hope my home is always blessed ferrets.


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May 01, 2008 To My Girls
by: Jacque
I loved it !!! What can I say. I feel I’ll never be with out my Ferrets Or my other pet’s as well. They give ME Life!!!!! Wish you & your babies the best.

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