My new ferret felex (fele)

by Yasmin
(Cahir Co.tipp Ireland)

My ferret Felex (fele) is a lot of fun added to my life.

It was a hard to choose which one I liked – they were all soooo cute.I picked out one and he only bit me 2 times. I guess he likes me and I like him too.

We play with him and handle him a lot 🙂 He is a good player and his favorite game is ‘Towel ride’. I drag a towel on the ground, he just jumps on it and rides it.I recently got him and he was cheap to buy. I followed the ‘rules of picking a ferret’ which are …
-Glossy,soft coat
-Bright,clear eyes
-Clean ears
-Clean teeth
-Trimmed nails
-Healthy skin
-Active,curious attitude
-Alert to surroundings

And I got the right one.

And this is my story 🙂


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Aug 29, 2011 Your new ferret Felex
by: Anonymous

Felex sounds like a lot of fun and I’m really glad you’re enjoying him 🙂

Ferrets love the towel ride, don’t they! And wait till you give Felex a bath … he’ll go totally nuts and make you split your sides with laughter! LOL!

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