my step sis

by melissa
(cananda nb )



OK – my mean step sis had a ferret, his name was Sukasa.

He lived downstairs. She never took care of him and so I took a hold of things and brought him up to my room on July 3 2009.

Now i take him for walks and give him baths and FEED HIM!

Lesson: Take care of your pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the rocks!


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Jul 09, 2009 🙂
by: melissa

thanks 😉
and sorry I’m ill

Jul 07, 2009 My step sis
by: JC

Sukasa is one lucky ferret to have some one like you take a hold. Enjoy your new friend, I’m sure Sukasa is loving you for your kindness. Give Sukasa a big kiss for me ok.

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