by Helen
(Schiedam, Netherlands)

She was 5 weeks old when she moved in here and right away she was in control of her one year older stepsisters 🙂

Oh she had total control over us too but she was so sweet!

So very smart and listened to her name and it was wonderful to see her run to you even after she lost her eyesight.

She was only 2 years old when she was diagnosed with insulinoma, so young… but we had the joy of having her with us for 2 and a half more years.

We gave her back to the angels on December 2, 2008. I still miss her, she was always inventing things and I see so much of her in the others who copied all her mischief 🙂

She was different from the others somehow. We love all our ferrets very dearly and they are all special but she was just… different.

Lost a lot of sweeties in my life, mostly cats … Nappie was the first ferret to go.

It doesn’t matter how much you are prepared,when the day comes it’s just awful and sad 🙁

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