Never would of expected that???

by Alyssa
(Frederick, MD)

I’m only 12 years old, but I have a ferret – his name is Rufus!

He is the sweetest but most dsstructive ferret! I can’t have anything on the floor without him dragging it away! He mostly drags my remote.

I patched up this spot where my TV stand is but as usual he destroys it and pushes over the object blocking its path.

But I can’t criticize him because he gives kisses and he is super sweet 🙂

I taught him to stand – my command is “up” and I hold a piece of his food or my fingers together above his head!

I swear you can’t get another Rufus!

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Oct 23, 2009 Rufus
by: AJ

Your Rufus sounds like a great little fellah. I hope he gives you many more years of love and affection and … of course … laughter 🙂

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