New ferret mommy!


So about a month ago I made the decision to add a fuzzy to my rather boring life. Since that ownership has taken place my life has been anything BUT BORING!!! *lol*

I have a 3 month old silver female fuzzy. Her name is Eva, from the movie Wall-E. She is by far the neatest pet I have ever owned!

For starters, she is incredibly sweet. There is not a mean bone in her body. She is very affectionate and shows it daily with the licking of my face. She is even game for a snuggle on the couch from time to time. 🙂

She loves my miniature dachshund and the feeling is mutual from the dog as well. They will play until they are both worn out … which is great!! Eva is also now leashed trained and goes outside for walks almost every day. She LOVES it!!! I am currently in the process of making her an outside run for the summer.

Now … all that being said. Everything in this site is absoulutely TRUE!! Whatever you figure the cost of the ferret, cage, food, toys, bedding, litter, etc. TRIPLE IT!!!

They are expensive little critters … but well worth it. There are also a lot of tips and tricks out there from seasoned ferret owners that can help you with whatever issue you and your new pet might be having. Trust me,.. I KNOW!! *winks*

The antics and behaviors of ferrets described on this site is again absolutely true! They can be destructive little turds and stubborn is the one thing they do best!!

Tell a ferret NO and … hahaha!! Yea, good luck with that!! If I tell Eva “No” she goes right back to it ten times harder, faster, and more persistent than a bloodhound.

OMG … THE POOP!! These animals crap like a goose!! It’s never ending. Eat, drink, sleep and POOP!

However,… there are many ways that actually work to cut down on the amount of poo, the smell, and the corners for which they decide are a good toilet. I have gotten pretty lucky with Eva. She was fairly simple to box train and now she is 100% box trained in her cage. Outside of the cage is a different story. We are still working on that,… but making progress every day! 🙂

Food … get ready to spend some money. The best food on the market is of course the most expensive. Naturally right?

Now all of this being said … I still say that ferrets are by far one of the neatest pets ever!!

They are kind and funny. They are guaranteed to make you smile even when you’ve had the worst day. They will have you laughing at their silly antics,… like sneaking your socks out of the laundry and then trying to outrun you down the hallway.

They are a blast and I am the happiest ferret mommy in the world. Eva was the best idea ever!!


Eva’s mom

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Aug 13, 2009 haha
by: Anonymous

I agree about the “eat, sleep and poop part” Thats all my two do. One has started building nests and forts out of newspapers though which is really weird. Here is how I take care of them.

Apr 20, 2009 How sweet
by: Leonarda

I am sooooo happy for you!
Eva sounds cute
Ferrets certainly can liven up your life.
I got one for my birthday last year!

Feb 24, 2009 Loved your comments
by: Bernice

I’m so glad you’re having a great experience with your Eva. I have three of the critters (my hubby and I agreed to have one….yeah that went right out the window) and have never regretted it although there are times….

Unfortunately, our dogs do not like the ferrets so we have to segregate the house at the times we let the ferrets out.

Our cats can take them or leave them, usually they just ignore them. I actually have to watch out for our old cat as our ferrets love to tunnel under her when she is laying on the floor and it confuses her when they do it.

One thing I would advise, if you haven’t done it yet, is find a good veterinarian, one that is versed in exotic and/or small animals. While I hope you never have to have one other than the usual shots and stuff, a good veterinarian is like gold.

Have fun!

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