New Ferret Owner

by Andreea

Ok so I live in a care home for old people with my mother. And I asked my moms boss for permission to buy a dog. She said yes then killed my buzz by saying no.

Now, I thought a ferret would make a great pet because I can go to school then when I come back home I can devote all my attention to my ferret after school. I don’t have much homework and the days I do have it, I do it in class. So time is not an issue. I know I can take care of a ferret and that I deserve one… But I don’t know what my mom’s boss will say… So I’m really nervous about it.

Just wanted to share that with you since my mom is always busy and doesn’t have much time for me…

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Feb 04, 2012 New ferret Owner
by: JLC

I too am an old person that has found that my ferrets are like my kids !!

They do keep me on my toes & each one has their own little ways of showing their love.

They do need a lot of attention & care !!

If I were you I’d research them & print up some information on them to show your mom & your mom’s boss.They are not horrible or stinky in any way!! They are very playful & happy little fur balls.
You can learn a lot from reading up on them & how to care for them.

I hope your dream comes true & you are lucky to have such a sweet pet as a ferret.

Love mine to death !!

Feb 03, 2012 Hi Andreea
by: Anonymous

To be honest, I don’t know how your mom’s boss would react to the idea of you having a ferret :{

So many people have the same misconception of ferrets- that is, they are smelly and vicious. We ferret owners know that they do have an odor, which to some people could be unacceptable, and an untrained ferret can be nippy. However – if your ferret will be in your room – far away from the old folk – then there shouldn’t be a problem.

You say your ferret will be in a cage and will not be allowed out unsupervised. Why would your mom’s boss be unhappy with that? AND … if you happen to have a very smoochy, loving ferret (they all have different personalities!!) – you might find that your ferret will perk up the old people 😀

I’m not kidding! I am an “old” person with ferrets and, to be very honest, I think I would be a very unhappy old person if I didn’t have ferrets. They make me laugh with all their daily antics and just show their “carpe diem” attitude!

My GP thinks I’m crazy to have ferrets in my house but, as I told him, at least I don’t have to have Prozac or other antidepressants!!! LOL!

Tell that to your mom’s boss and see what he says 😉

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