new ferret

by alissa

i just got a 6 month old female ferret from Petco.

I bought her a huge multi level cage with a ladder, a tube thing for her to go up and it even has a hammock, but she won’t climb anything and when I put her on the levels, she just jumps off and it scares me to death.

She even has started chewing on the bars and trying to stick her head through the opening. I just don’t know what to do.

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Sep 02, 2010 Oh the Joys.
by: Anonymous

Hehe. It sounds like your ferret wants to come out and play. Mine knew exactly where the latch was on the door. He didn’t learn how to open it, but he would scratch and bite the bars near it when he was ready to come out. Which worked for him EVERY time.

I would make sure that the ladders and levels aren’t blocking a path for your little guy. About the jumping. Mine would almost NEVER use his ladders. He would attempt to climb up and down the sides of the cage and almost always fall in the process. I know it can be scary to see them do things like that, but you will soon learn that they are quite fearless and will start to jump off of couches and other things when they are in the midst of pure excitement.

So just spend as much time as you can with them and it should wear them out pretty quickly.

Jul 06, 2010 new fuzzy
by: tracy

If she is chewing on the bars it means she wants to come out and play with you. Ferrets need to interact with you and they love nothing better than to play with a pet human.

Is the room the cage is in safe for a ferret to run around in? They need interaction.

My ferrets have a routine and I suggest you get your fuzzy into a routine, regular feeding times, sleep times and coming out of the cage to play with you time and then bed time.

Best of luck and head to the forum if you have any more questions.

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