by michaela dawson

Niles, my albino ferret, just passed away today. He died as soon as I got him to the vet. I was up all night with him holding him and trying to get him to eat until I could find somewhere that I could get him in to be seen. He had apparently developed insulinoma, which is common in older ferrets.

My fiancee and I inherited Niles in 2003 from two friends who had found him abandoned in a house. I am guessing he was at least two years old at the time.

I had always wanted a ferret and he was the most beautiful furry I have ever seen. He was bright and playful and full of love and TONS of energy. He truly was an important part of my life. He used to love to run and jump straight up your leg and slide down. So amusing…unless you were wearing shorts 🙂

We were so excited to have him, and we enjoyed buying new toys and things for him. He really was my kid. Eventually I bought another fur to keep him company. My little sable is named Smokey, and WE all miss Niles terribly.

I don’t want Smokey to become depressed over losing his companion, but I don’t know if I can replace Niles. I also do not think I can bear the pain of losing too many more ferrets. They are such precious little critters. Losing Niles broke our hearts.

Niles, you leave behind a family that loves you dearly and will never forget you. We thank you for being in our lives and for coming into our hearts. Life will not be the same without you. Rest in peace buddy and know that you will ALWAYS be with us in our hearts and minds.

-Michaela, Tony, and Smokeybears.


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Oct 03, 2008 loving and losing ferrets….
by: Nina
Heartfelt condolences.I never went looking for ferrets but after rescuing jemima and missy,her mum off some idiots whodidnt want them anymore after using them for breeding,I found myself completely captivated-in a way I never imagined.Jemima gave me the slip one day and I never saw her again and then her mum disappeared,was found but died at some guys house-or so I was told. I missed ferret company and energy and decided to get two from the animal rescue place and chose max a large white fella and ruby,a small brown lady.Ruby was so timid that I hardly saw her for a few days and then gradually she gained confidence and became the funniest,naughtiest and most endearing of creatures.Both of them have managed to escape a few times and fortunately Ive got them back.But a few months ago after Ruby returned from her walkabout she died two days later and when I found her little body,the grief was simply indescribable. Like yourself I went and got a new companion for max-little Jasmine a white albino and she is a whole bundle of craziness and fun and her and max are now good chums.Shes very different from ruby and Im learning to love her for what she is and it makes me happy to see them leaping around the garden together and jasmine chuckles more than any of the ferrets Ive known. Ive done all the practical stuff,after rubys departure but this deep well of sadness,still remains.I wasnt ready to say goodbye to that gorgeous,special little lady and I miss her terribly.Life is just unbearably cruel sometimes and god only knows what its all about.I only had her for eight months and she truly graced me with her presence and beauty for that time.So much joy and tenderness,she brought to me and then this terrible heartache. This is life,this is Mother Earth and saying goodbye to precious,beloved creatures always hurts.My only consolation is that I know none of us actually dies-we just move on to new dimensions of exsistance and maybe ruby now delights god/great spirit as much as she delighted me on earth!I also believe she now has all the freedom she could possibly desire-and one thing Ive learnt about ferrets is that they love freedom more than anything else.Letting go is not easy and tears fall as I write this.I look forward to that time and place in eternity when all souls are reunited and I dance and play with my beautiful,funny little ferret spirits again! They never belonged to me and although I am quite a spiritual person and know this is true,it still hurts loads,dear god!Its not goodbye,its au revoir-see you later you naughtiest of angels and heartbreakers!

Oct 02, 2008 Thank You!!!
by: Michaela
I just wanted to say thanks to JC for your kind words. They mean alot. It’s hard to lose a companion. Thank you again so much for sharing your thoughts!!!!
cytqqqqqqqqqq11111111111 (that was from Smokey:)

Oct 02, 2008 Niles
by: JC
So sorry to hear about your loss of Niles.
I for one know what the pain of losing a sweet baby is like, as any of us that have ferrets & have had to say good bye.
Niles life was a good life with you & he’ll be waiting for you in heaven.
I’m sure your heart will be stolen again & again at the sight of the next little bundle of fur you see.
Smile for Niles he’s well & happy Now.
Love JC & Zoie,Trouble Bubble,BoBo & Ice

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