Not a Ferret owner…yet

by Jordyn

I am totally in love with the idea of getting a ferret. I’m the kind of person who loves all animals and adores even the ugliest side of them.

When I first started doing some research on ferrets, my friend was getting one. We both fell in love with them and he got one right away. Sadly he no longer has his ferret because the smell drove his family crazy.

I have recently learned how to control it but could really use some tips. I spent a few months learning about them and the first time I proposed getting one to my mom it didn’t go well. She said absolutely no, but the only reasons were the smell and price. She doesn’t believe the smell can be handled and she’s worried about medical prices.

She also brought up the other animals in the house. We have a black Lab and two small dogs. One is a Shih Tzu named Izzie. She is my total responsibility and the happiest little dog I’ve ever known.

I also have a bearded dragon and a fish in my room that I’m responsible for. My pets are all very happy and healthy. Now I want to bring in another family member.

I have researched about ferrets for a very long time now. Months. I’m working on the money aspect and it’s going well, but my mom still isn’t sold on the idea of getting a ferret.

I could use any tips on them that current owners have. I’ve read some but any kind of reassurances and advice would be good. I love the critters and really want to bring a little fuzzie home!!!

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Apr 18, 2011 hope you can get one of those cuties!
by: hounds and horses Hi. I’ve been wanting a ferret for some time now. I’m 11 and I think that there sooo cute and fun. My friend’s brother had one and now I really really want one! My parents DO NOT LIKE THE SMELL OF FERRETS! so that’s my problem. Maybe you could tell your mom that you can decent them. Most pet stores that I know of decent their little fuzzballs before they let them go to a new home, so I don’t think it would cost as much to just get one that is already decented than go to a vet and ask them if they can do it for you. Good luck!

Jul 29, 2010 Ideas
by: BJ Jordyn – all I can think of is for you to find a ferret shelter nearby and get friendly with the owner. Then you could ask the person what they think you should do to get your mom onside.

Shame about your friend’s ferret having to go because of the smell. I just love sticking my head into a pile of sleeping weasels and smelling their musky odor. I guess some people’s noses are more sensitive and they don’t appreciate the aroma LOL.


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