Not an owner, but…

by Halley
(N.C. , USA)

I am not a ferret owner, nor have I ever had one, but I would like to be one day. I cannot have one now because I am an avid cat lover with 4 precious fur babies. I’ve always liked the idea of having one and so does my boyfriend. I’m glad I decided to do research now even though it would obviously be a few years before I could own one. It seems from all these stories that you can ever be prepared enough for ferret ownership. The possibilities of an accident appear endless.

If anyone has owned a cat and ferret at the same time could you tell me how that worked out? I know it would mainly depend on the personality of the two individual animals, but I’m hoping it wouldn’t be an impossible pair. I’m guessing most of these items that pose a danger are from when you let the ferret out or if you let them roam the house the majority of the time, or do ferrets escape from their cage easily?

If and when I ever get to own one, I do plan to let them out for at least 3-4 hours a day and of course shower them with attention as I realize they need, but I wouldn’t like the idea of letting them roam the house all the time. It just seems like there would be too many chances for trouble that way.

Thanks in advance for any answers/ advice to some of my questions


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May 30, 2013 Ferrets & cats
by: Anonymous

Hi Halley

I don’t know if you’ve seen this page but it pretty much covers how ferrets and cats get on …

Ferrets and Other Pets

It would depend on the personalities of the cat/s and ferret/s – some can be timid, some can be very forthcoming, so it’s hard to say, but if you keep an eye on both animals and make sure that you don’t allow one animal to pick on the other, then I reckon it should turn out well.

My gang are free roam and I don’t know if it’s because they’ve got the whole house to run around in but they don’t seem interested in trying to get out the front door when we go in and out. I think that when they get let out of their cage then they’re itching to get up to as much mischief that they can – but that’s just my opinion 😉

Ferrets are quite incredible little things – so intelligent and some are so naughty, but there are some very laid back and quiet ferrets out there who want nothing more than to lie on your lap and be stroked, like a cat!

But one thing is for sure … once you’ve come under a ferret’s spell, you’ll wonder why you left them out of your life for so long 😀

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