Nyalla The Polar Bear

by Em
(Adel, SA, )

Coming to get you mommy!!

I’m coming to get you … heheh!

Comments for Nyalla The Polar Bear

Sep 13, 2009 CUTIE PIE
by: Nyalla Mummy

hey guys she was running towards me and just so happens i had my camera and she is nearly a year old

Sep 13, 2009 all about nyalla
by: Anonymous

she is almost a year old i have heaps of pictures what i will put on the site so everyone can see more photos of her

Sep 11, 2009 So cute!
by: Anonymous

Aww Nyalla is sooo cute!

Sep 11, 2009 Nyalla the polar bear
by: JC

What a sweet heart. I think you captured a very special moment indeed. How old is your fur butt.

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