Oh no horrible!

by Stacey
(AB Canada)

One night I was up late watching a movie. I felt awake holding my ferrets and thought I would never fall asleep. Big mistake!

By the morning I woke up – my ferret Maxi had chewed my shirt but that was not that bad. My other ferret Jester was missing. Fearing the worst I dug through my couches, ripping off all the cushions looking for him.
The same couch I was on looked okay but I was not sure – I carefully took the cushions off and… Jester was sitting under the same cushion I was on suffocated.

Devestated still, I want all you new and experienced ferret owners to know – NEVER STAY UP LATE HOLDING YOUR BELOVED FERRETS!


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Jul 31, 2009 So sorry about Jester
by: Anonymous

I just wonder if he might have had an illness that made him die, and not because he suffocated.

My ferret loves sleeping INSIDE the couch and she’s fine even though she’s surrounded by all that filling.

I know ferrets with insulinoma can get that low blood sugar crash and if no one knows their ferret has the disease, it’s possible that they’d think their ferret’s asleep and not put Karo on its gum, then their ferret would just fade away.

Lousy thing to happen anyway and I send you my condolences.

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