by Stacay

I have just recently purchased a hob called Otis – he’s 10 weeks old – and I’ve heard when the males get a bit randy they go really snappy.

Is this true?


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Jul 19, 2011 Otis
by: Anonymous

Stacay – when you have an unsterilised male and he gets to about 6 months old (or even younger if the male’s big for his size), his balls drop (!)and he’s in rut, so wants a mate. Not only that but he starts to smell “like a polecat”!

Full males in rut have been known to be more aggressive and can fight with other males.

Once a full male’s had his operation, it takes about 2 weeks and then all his hormones settle down. That takes the smell and aggression away so it’s really recommended that all full males should be sterilised, unless their owners are planning to breed them.

If a male has been vasectomised, he will still have all the ‘issues’ that full males have but he just won’t be able to impregnate jills 🙂

Big hugs to Otis 😉

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