Our lost Mindy

by Linda McKee

My youngest ferret, which is a panda ferret, is always getting into spaces she is not suppose to, so you always have to be on your toes with her.

One day she escaped out of the house when the dogs were let out. I was so upset and worried because it was so cold outside, plus I knew without food and water she would not survive long. My husband and I looked everywhere for her, calling her name and squeaking her favorite toys. The only one that seemed to hear the squeaking were my neighbours, wondering what the noise was.

It was getting darker and darker outside and I knew it was getting pretty grim being able to find her, especially at night. So I placed a bed, food and water in our shed, in case she did find her way home.

Around 2am we heard a noise outside and we ran to the door to see if it was her but there was no ferret in sight. We had no alternative but to go to bed and look again in the morning. Morning came and right away I looked in the shed to see if she had come home but no Mindy. So we put signs on the poles asking anyone if they had found a ferret. Then about 3pm I went outside to check the shed again and just as I opened the shed door a ferret came running from the backyard and into the shed. I was shocked. She had found her way home.

She must have heard me calling her name and squeaking her toys. She was very nervous but she was safe. I came to believe it was her scratching at the door at 2am but when we opened the door she got frightened and hid. I never thought I would ever find my beloved ferret. I guess she heard me calling and squeaking her toys, besides the neighbours. Just goes to show how smart they truly are.

So miracles do happen and she is now back with her 4 ferret friends. So don’t ever give up if you lose a ferret just let them hear sounds that they are comfortable with. And hopefully they will follow them home to you.


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Nov 22, 2011 Clever Mindy 🙂
by: Anonymous

Your Mindy sounds like she’s a really smart ferret! And I bet you’re really relieved that she found her way back home, as normally ferrets will go and wander the opposite way!

I’m really glad you got her back and I hope Mindy will have had enough excitement to last her for a long time – LOL! 🙂

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