Out of the window and under the shed

by Jessica
(Bedworth, England)

Our wonderful ferret – Trigger – a rescue from the RSPCA, is a fair amount bigger than Fifi, his friend. He being a he and she a she.

One day we decided to let them have the run of the conservatory as well as the downstairs house, unfortunately, and didn’t credit Trigger with the jumping skills he so obviously has. We were putting the ferrets away in their cage but Trig was no where to be found. Eventually our lodger saw his face poking out from under the shed in the garden.

We went out and enticed the brute out with some food. Fortunately he is very lazy and a little thick and didn’t think to explore any other gardens. We eventually realised that he had climbed the back of the sofa in the conservatory, jumped to the open window (which we naturally thought was out of reach), dropped the meter or so to the ground and obviously had some fun. Finally, exhausted from the adventure, curled up in the warmest, cosiest darkest place in our garden, under the shed.


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Jan 18, 2011 out the window & under the shed
by: JLC

So happy he didn’t venture too far. I could just picture him running about in this new place, with a smile on his little face LOL Thank God he was safe. They can do amazing thing for being so small. I found you can never underestimate their abilities. They keep us on our toes & thinking all the time.
Glad it all turned out for the best & he is home safe.

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