Out the Window!…

by Shanna Fuqua
(Castleberry Alabama)

Well i let the ferrets out for the day to get thier daily exercise and our girl ferret (Sassy) was running around playing with her friend ferret (Bandit).

They were all over the house exploring things, hiding shoes,ect. I was in the back bedroom folding clothes and cleaning and i decided to check on them so i went in the living room to see what they were up to. I couldnt find Sassy and she is the most curious ferret I’ve ever seen – lol.

My fiance was in the kitchen which, in our house, is practically in the living room … lol … and he had to put the window up because he was cooking and it was getting a little smokey (but don’t worry, he’s a great cooker, it’s the stove) lol. We need another one. lol.

But anyways, i couldn’t find her and I was getting worried, so I asked him if he had seen her and he hadn’t.

I looked under the couches, checked the bedroom, their cage, everywhere. I was getting so scared. i walked in the living room, and it hit me. THE WINDOW!

I RAN outside on the porch and looked and I didn’t see her. I looked under the porch and i saw her and my fiance’s mother’s dog playing under the porch together!

I ran through the gate and ran around to where they were. I grabbed her in my arms so relieved that I had her back. It was very scary to think she was gone. I love my ferrets so much and would give anything for them. They are like kids to me 🙂

So – be careful not to leave the windows open … lol. Sounds crazy, I know i shouldn’t have had them open but I didn’t know he had opened it and it hit me AFTER I lost her. Whew – lol. And my fiance didn’t realize not to – lol..


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Jun 16, 2009 Open windows
by: Anonymous You bet you have to be careful about having open windows in the house. But you know, ferrets can also scratch the flywire in front of windows so don’t think that just because you have that, it’ll keep your ferret inside!

I left my patio door ajar but put a plank of wood in between the door and the wall to make sure my ferret couldn’t get outside.

I was only out for about an hour but when I came home, I was horrified to find she’d managed to climb up the wood and scratch a hole in the flywire and got outside.

It took 2 days but we finally found her in the garage of the house nearby. I swear I lost 10 years of my life and since then have made sure no windows or patio doors are ever open.

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