by Eric
(Montreal, Canada)

My ferret’s name was Peanut. I found her outside my workplace late one evening on September 2nd 2009, as I was going home, curled up in the doorway trying to stay warm. I have no idea where she came from or even how old she was, but she was friendly and tried to climb up my pant leg upon seeing me.

I decided to take her home with me with the intention of getting her into an animal shelter the next day as I could not leave her on the street to fend for herself. I never got to that step. She endeared herself to me so quickly, was incredibly loving that I had no choice but to keep her.

The first night she was with me, I had no cage for her so having absolutely no experience with ferrets, I placed her in blankets on my bedroom floor to sleep in. When I woke the following morning I found her in bed with me curled up beside my head on the pillows. Even my two dogs within a short time, were captivated with her and all 3 became constant playmates and sleeping partners which amazed me to no ends.

Unfortunately as I found out with my first visit to my vet with her a couple of days later, she was not in the best of health. She was already suffering from adrenal disease and later on developed cancer. I did my utmost best to nurse her back to health and my vet moved heaven and earth to acomplish that.

Peanut hung in there and fought hard for the life she so obviously enjoyed so much. Sadly, however, on April 15th, 2010, things had taken a turn for the worst and my vet informed me there wasn’t anymore we could do for her except ease her pain and ensure she didn’t suffer any longer than need be.

Later that day with a broken heart while holding her in my arms and with a final lick to my face she was helped over the bridge and is no longer in any pain.

She was only with me for 8 short months but in that time I have never seen an animal that could live life so much to its fullest and be so full of love and mischief at the same time.

I will forever miss you Peanut and the joy and laughter you brought into my life. I will miss your constant efforts to use my toes as a chew toy and the way you snuggled up to me and licked my face and nibbbled my ears every opportunity you got. I am blessed to have met you and to have had you in my life.

On the day that my turn is up on the wheel of life and I cross that bridge, I will be looking for you Peanut and we’ll pick up where we left off……

Because of Peanut, I found very quickly that I could not go for long without having a fuzzy in my life. I now have 2 more fuzzies that I have opened my home to and are now part of my family. Mayhem whom I got a month ago and as of 3 days ago Winston. But Peanut was my first and she will be forever near and dear to my heart and never far from my thoughts.

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