Pearl :'(

by Kateland
(United States)

About 2 months ago my ferret Pearl died
due to a terrible sickness. I discovered it was because I did not know that if you are sick, and you handle your ferret or breathe directly on them, then THEY will catch it and tend to have the sickness longer and could possibly die. One day I didn’t feel so good and I was giving her some food.

She liked to jump out of the cage when I opened it and unfortunately, the day I was sick she had to make a terrifying jump.

I caught her luckily but she caught what I had and after that I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her and we couldn’t find a vet that would take her. She would have seizures and oh so much other stuff it made me sad.

So I have another ferret and recently I had the stomach virus so what I do is wash my hands in soap and HOT water, put a thick rag over my face, and avoid handling him every way I can until I know for sure I feel better. If I have to handle him while I’m sick, I use another thick rag and handle him with that.

Even though I’m only 13, I LOVE ferrets and I wouldn’t want anyone going through what I went through after my loss.

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Feb 06, 2012 Pearl
by: Anonymous

I’m really sorry to read about your loss but please don’t beat yourself up about it.

Unfortunately sometimes bad things happen to our ferrets and we blame ourselves, but that doesn’t serve any use. Better to look upon it as a lesson to learn.

Now you’re aware of how easy it is for a ferret to get germs from their owners and you’re being really good at making sure it doesn’t happen to your present ferret. Feel good about that. You are doing everything you can to keep your ferret as healthy as possible and that’s a marvellous thing!

Pearl is at the Bridge, waiting for you, and when she sees you, she’ll do her weasel wardance to greet you 🙂

Feb 05, 2012 Pearl
by: JLC

So sorry to hear about you loosing a sweet angel !!

Sometimes the live & learn lessons are the hardest lessons on one’s heart !! So thankful you got another angel & that you have taken the time to learn more !!

Wishing the best life ever with your sweet baby & years of fun & happiness 🙂

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