Pick your garbage up before letting your ferret out

by Kaycee
(Woodstock, AL, USA)

You need to make sure that your garbage is picked up off the ground or close the doors that have a garbage or small waste can in it.

I was laying in bed on night and we had one of our two ferrets out as well. We had closed the door but did not know it wasn’t all the way closed so our ferret push the door open and got into the garbage and pulled everything out. He almost got into the bag that was in it but we got him before he did.


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Feb 12, 2011 pick up ur garbage before letting ur ferret out
by: kaycee

Well thanks a lot for commenting and one more bad thing is that some ferrets like to play in plastic bags because of the noise.Well I hope you love your ferret, that you will keep the ferret as long as the ferret lives and take real good care of the ferret.

Well thanks again and have a good day.

Jan 18, 2011 ferret in garbage
by: Rick

Y’know, my ferret did exactly the same thing when I first got him! He was my 1st ferret and I had no idea what they’d be capable of. DOH 😀

He actually slipped into my garbage can and if I hadn’t seen stuff thrown out which made me wonder what happened, I think I might have just grabbed the bag inside and thrown it in the dumpster! Imagine if that HAD happened.


Since that time I’ve been soooo careful about knowing where my fert is and always make sure I check and check again before tossing anything out or into the washing machine or even turning on the dishwasher.

I like what this section says. We ferret owners have to be “paranoid” to keep ’em safe – LOL!

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