pied piper

by desiree
(springfield missouri)

Well, my sister and I both got a ferret as a gift from our parents and we are just in love with them, but since I’m in the band at my school (I play the piccolo) I have to practice.

When I attempt to play my instrument both ferrets go wild and they follow me around, even climb up my leg or jump from the bed to where I am. My sister’s ferret always tries to lick my left eyebrow each time.

My parents call me the pied piper, but with ferrets… so much for practising….


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Jan 01, 2012 Love the story 🙂
by: Anonymous 

Had a good laugh about your ferrets … it’s great to know that they have a love of music too! LOL!

Dec 28, 2011 pied piper
by: JLC 

So happy you shared your story with all of us that are owned by one or more of these angels !! Sounds like they like what they hear !! Happy for you !! Happy for them they have a forever home !!

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