Pip & Pop

by amanda
(lynchburg va)

Pip & Pop were given to me. I was looking to purchase one but I will not turn down freebies. This is my first time owning a ferret & although I’ve done a good amount of research, they each are unique & not always the same. So I do have a few questions if anyone can answer them.

Anyway, Pip is the female & the first night we got them, my husband was holding her & she was rather squirmy but he wanted to check her out. She made a chirping sound before biting him. Was this a playful bite or a leave me akone bite? It wasn’t hard, actually more of a nip.

Tonight, Pip bit me 3 times in a row. We were laying on the bed & she just randomly bit me back to back. The first 2 times didn’t bother me however the third time was hard enough to break the skin but not draw blood. What was she trying to tell me? She really likes squeaky toys, and will play tug o war with you but sometimes instead of grabbing the toy she will go for your hand. Is this her way of saying let go of my toy? Also while we were playing tonight she rolled around on the towel I had out. Is this a sign of happiness?

Pop checked the room out the first night, however tonight he wasn’t real into playing. I’m a bit concerned something may be wrong with him. He eats & drinks plenty & I catch him playing with the balls but doesn’t seem to interact with us or Pip much. He will lay on his back & let you scratch his chest & chin for a while. Any comments on this?

The lady I got them didn’t own them long & wasn’t exactly sure of their ages or shots or anything. I plan to do a vet visit as soon as I can but can’t do it immediately due to lack of funds.

Also, I’ve noticed when they eat they make a noise that sounds like it could be them grinding their teeth. Normal or not?

All in all I like having them here. They can be quite amusing at times. I’m still waiting to see that happy dance or even the jumping & bouncing though. Anyway, I’ll keep you guys posted on any new events or behaviors.

Thanks a lot for reading & even more if you can answer any of my questions.


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Aug 27, 2011 I love pip & pop
by: E.D 

1. Firstly I think Pip & Pop are very cute.
2. Secondly I would love to have your ferrets so much.
3. Thirdly I think pop isn’t mad at you (I think) but he probably wants you to play with him more & I think he wants you to give him some more food (I think). Anyway what do you feed Pip & Pop (just asking).

From E.D
I enjoyed writing this to you.See you later.

May 24, 2011 Pip & Pop
by: JC 

Mine grab for the hand as well while we play with squeak toys. I wonder some times if they really like the noise, nonetheless they come running to the sound, maybe they just know it’s you & not the toy making the noise. LOL. Rolling around on the floor OR what ever seems like they are happy !! Mine when I first let them out have to check out every thing first, then they seem to have their favorite toys & games to play.

The war dancing will come, you’ll think at first they are having some kind of fit, they sound like normal ferrets to me. Congratulations on you new family or should I say being owned by a ferret. Enjoy them, mine are my kids & I love the daylights out each of them as different as they are in the things they do & like.

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