play ground

by Denise

The best thing we came up with is to turn our living room into a play ground for our babies, Pipp and Squeak – lol.

We have a long piece of cardboard we use to block off the rest of the house. Their cage is in the living room so they can just go in and out and have are large living room for a play ground.

Just make sure your cardboard is tall enough! They grow fast and we quickly learned to get a taller piece or they will climb over it 🙂


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Oct 31, 2009 Play ground
by: JC 

Sound like they are very spoiled… LOL..!

Mine have their own room to play in then when we get home they have the whole house. I use plywood & made gates to the kitchen & the upstairs. These guys are just like having kids all over again.
They’re lucky little ferrets.

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