poisonous products

by lisa

Well, my ferret Flossy was 11mths old and got under the sink where she found an unopened packet of wallpaper paste.

All of a sudden i heard her vomiting. I rushed her straight to the vet – she had eaten it. She was put straight on a drip then passed away 2 days later.

I’m devastated my baby has died. She had great personality and I love her loads. She will be greatly missed.

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Apr 20, 2008 Loss
by: Jacque

So sorry to hear about your loss of Flossy. I know just how painful it is to lose a baby.

I have two babies ( Trouble Bubble & BoBo) that I couldn’t keep out of anything. I ended up having to buy little door locks ( The sliding bolt type ) for all my cupboard & even drawers.

Our prayers & thoughts are with you.
Love JC & Kids

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