Question about military leave.

by Matt


Thus far I have fallen in love with my Rafikki, a 5 1/2 month old lil guy. He’s grown to recognize me out of a group of friends and is extra cuddly when I hold him. He has also shown a great interest in my soon-to-be-fiance (wish me luck), but I am worried about what will happen when I leave for army boot camp.

My girlfriend agreed to take complete care of him. I’m thinking she loves him even more than I do so that is good. He will receive the same amount of attention and will still be able to free roam in the same area, so a change in habitat will not happen. I am entering the Army National Guard so things will return to normal when I return from initial training unless a deployment happens.

Will my absence absolutely devastate Rafikki? I understand he may be confused as to where I went off to but will this separation upset him if he is being taken care of by my girlfriend? I still have a few months before I leave, but I would like to prepare Rafikki as much as I possibly can before I go off.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!



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Dec 04, 2012 I wouldn’t worry too much, Matt 🙂
by: Anonymous
It’s great that you’re so attached to Rafikki and it certainly sounds like he’s equally attached to you 😀

I’m sure he’ll miss you awfully when you leave but the fact that he’ll be in the same house with your girlfriend, then it won’t confuse him like if he had to go and stay in a new house for that time.

I work from home but have had many operations over the past 10 years so have been in hospital for 2 week periods, as well as spending 6 weeks away at my sister’s house. My husband looked after my guys and the best thing about when I got home was the welcome I got from all of them! They genuinely seemed so happy to see me!

It might be different because you only have 1 ferret but if your girlfriend gives him lots of love and attention, I think you’ll find that he’ll be okay, and when you come through that door you’ll get the best weasel wardance from your little man when he sees you 😀

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