by Stephanie Griggs
(Virginia US)

This happened to me when I younger. I do believe I was about 11 years old when I got Rascal, a beautiful Sable ferret.

I was living with my aunt and grandpa who did not like Rascal at all. One day, I came home from school to find that Rascal was outside. My grandpa, who had gotten tired of the stink, put the cage outside. I was furious and said so. A couple of hours later,I went outside to check on him and his cage was OPEN! Rascal was gone and I ran around everywhere, trying to find him. I never found Rascal and I cried all night long.

The lesson of my story is to never leave your ferret outside around children and most certainly, make sure that the other people in your house are okay with you having a pet.


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May 08, 2009 Rascal
by: Anonymous

That was pretty mean of your granddad to put the cage outside. I hope that maybe Rascal was found by someone and is living happily with that person. I feel bad for you tho, losing your ferret.

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