Really need some help

by Jordyn

Okay, i’ve wanted a ferret for like a year now. I’m 14 and my parents are thinking about it, but they are really concerned about my other pets.

Here’s the problem … I have three dogs – a black Lab, a Shih Tzu and another old small dog. I also have a bearded dragon and two fish.

They are mainly concerned about my Lab and Shih Tzu. They are concerned that they will kill my ferret. I think my Lab is too sweet to harm anything but my Shih Tzu is a pretty crazy pup. She’s over a year old and my dog alone. Her name is Izzie. She sleeps in my room and all her toys are in it. I’m afraid she might hurt it but I also have her kennel in my room.

Is it safe to let my ferret out if I have Izzie in her kennel? What’s a safe way to introduce them to each other? What about my Lab? And is it possible for a crazy pup to be friends with a young ferret? I really need some help here.

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Aug 02, 2010 Some ferrets can rack up huge vet bills if they get sick. Will your family will help you out with that? And remember it’s not just diseases that ferrets can come down with, eg if your ferret gets a blockage the operation will cost big bucks.

Maybe it’d better to wait till you’re older and maybe in your own place before getting a ferret.

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