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Aug 30, 2012 Miss you
by: Charmaine My dear little Reggie Binks, I miss you so so much,you were just one in a million. I can still feel your soft fur and your little scent, I can even hear you running around, every time I look at your pictures. Your beds and toys are still where they have always been Binky, your tin is still full of food. I hope you are happy over the rainbow bridge. xxxxx

Dec 11, 2009 he is the cutest
by: Reggies mum what a looker, I know I’m his mum.

Everybody thinks their kids are the best looking, but he is the absolutely most handsome little polecat in the world.

He’s got a few rosettes to prove it. But he has been cheated out of pet idol! He got voted through to the final but the judges gave first place to a hamster, then a cat, then rabbit, all cute animals but everyone has seen that little pudgy face. Ferrets have such bad reps, that’s why, I think.

But he did get a free session in a photo studio.

Nov 18, 2009 reggie binks
by: Anonymous He’s a cutie alright 😀

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