by paige

just being nosey.

just being nosey.

Hi! I am the proud owner of the ferret that you see above what you are reading. He is very sweet and actually a bit calm.

I LOVE having a ferret.

Of course he gets into stuff and can be very, very nosy, but, like I seid before, I love having a ferret 🙂

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Aug 02, 2009 Ricky
by: JC

He looks so sweet . You have come to the right place if you want to just talk about your sweet ferret & all you love about him. I love this site & the lady ( Nona ) who started this site, which I feel very happy to have come across.

Nona & the rest of us never get tired of ferret stories. So please tell us about your sweet ferret Ricky & yourself. Welcome
JC & Gang

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