Room containment & the climbing ferret.

by Deb

Back when I was a new ferret owner, I wanted to have my little fuzzy play area in the main room of my apartment even though it had an open archway leading to other rooms. I figured that would be the best way to allow her some out of cage play without be having to alter a place that wasn’t mine too much.

I got a child door guard from a thrift store & it fit securely in place. It worked for about 10 minutes before my little girl was scampering over the top! Thank goodness I had a bell on her collar. I wouldn’t credit a ferret with an excess of grace, but they can definitely climb.

I did manage to get the door to work by covering the ferret side with wood paneling so she couldn’t get a foothold. It’s been very useful for me to allow some controlled safe play time with my fuzzy friend; just be sure it’s securely in place.


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Jun 09, 2008 I totally agree
by: Gianni

I work from home and stick an old poster frame in the doorway to stop my ferret from coming in coz I keep the window open. The frame’s quite big – knee high – and just fits in the doorway and I thought Cosima would stay on the other side.

No way! One day I was at my desk and heard this noise. I turned and saw Cosima pulling herself up and over like GI Jane.

Had to remove the frame and went down to the hardware store to buy some plywood, which was even higher, to fix in the doorway to keep my girl out.

She now sits and sulks on the other side when she’s not scratching on the wood in a temper.

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