by Peggy

My little Rosie is losing weight so fast and will not eat, just water. Now she’s starting to fall over, I have no money to take her to a Vet. Is there anything I can do to try and save her. She’s so sweet and it’s hard to see her not her happy playing self. Her stool is black and runny, also. Help Peggy


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Feb 01, 2014 Rosie
by: Anonymous

Peggy – it’s impossible to guess what’s wrong with Rosie without a vet checking her out.Falling over is a sign of insulinoma, but the runny black poop could mean something else bad is happening inside of her 🙁

Can you not find a vet who would be prepared to let you pay off your account in instalments?

I really am worried that if you don’t take Rosie to a knowledgeable vet, she might die.

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