by katerina
(somerset uk)

I went and got Ruby and Max from the RSPCA last November.

As soon as I saw her I just loved her — small, sweet and very timid. She’d been found by the side of a road so I don’t know what her story was.

From her behaviour, I felt she might have been born in the wild. She hid a lot in the first weeks but eventually began to trust me and enjoyed the extra space she had here — my ferrets live indoors and are free to run about.

I let them out in the garden for a couple of hours a day and although I strictly supervise them, they have all managed to outwit me a few times and I lost Missy and Jemima, my first ferrets whom I rescued from cruel owners last year. But this is Ruby’s story so I won’t digress.

A few weeks ago she disappeared and I searched everywhere – she had gone before and returned safely,so I hoped and prayed that I’d see her again.

Two days later when I’d virtually given up hope there she was in the garden, her beautiful little face peeping out of her favourite pipe!

I was so so happy and glad she was reunited with Max, as they had grown so close.

Two days later I found her dead little body in her little den.

I don’t know what had happened to her when she was missing and there was a strange round bruise on her stomach. I had noticed something was wrong but I’d hoped it was just exhaustion but I think I knew she was leaving the previous night as she was stumbling around and seemed unable to drink or eat. I couldn’t have reached a vet so late and my worst fears were confirmed early next morning.

I thought it might have been a snakebite as it was a strange mark and not like an animal bite – plus she was too quick and timid and would have stayed hidden under a shed probably.

I guess I won’t ever know what it was that killed my beautiful little Ruby.

Max missed her and would lie on her grave looking sadly at me.I didn’t want to leave him alone so I went back to RSPCA and picked up a little albino whom I’ve named Jasmine. He rejected her at first but now they are bonding.

Max ran away last week and I got him back after 6 days – he was very thin but has recovered well and is back to normal.

I need to have a ferret court built in my garden as I don’t think I can take any more ferret tragedies and they need to be outdoors as much as possible. I don’t like to see ferrets in cages they need a lot of space and movement but obviously too much freedom can prove fatal and they are great escape artists.

I love these creatures but the three little females – all brown polecat markings have broken my heart. Thankfully Max was found in time and he had travelled quite a distance, crossing a busy main road in the process.

Where are they trying to go? Wish I knew – I’m in Somerset so there are lots of rabbit-filled fields all around and maybe the call of the wild is just too powerful to resist!

I want them to have lots of freedom but no more dead ferrets, please God!

Max is mithering me for a walk so I’d better sign off.

Sorry this is so long – I’m learning about ferrets the hard way and Ruby’s death hit me real hard. I hope now she has all the freedom in the cosmos! So hard to say goodbye 🙁


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Oct 27, 2008 Lenny
by: Anonymous …Maybe you should get leashes with the harness and walk them everyday so they’re not deprived of nature. I strongly encourage you to read up on ferrets and become fully knowledgable of the lil fuzzies. Ferrets today are domesticated animals and do not know how to survive in the “wild” on their own. I don’t mean to be rude, it just breaks my heart to think more lil beans may become lost or worse! Just educate yourself some more and hopefully you’ll realize they must be leashed when outside and playing. Thanks for your time.

Oct 24, 2008 Thanks…
by: Anonymous
Thankyou for your advice-I do realise I probably shouldnt allow them to run around outdoors but I really cannot deny them the sheer joy of connecting with nature.Its where they belong.

Oct 23, 2008 So sorry but please consider….
by: Anonymous
I’m sorry for your loss, truly I am, but your going about learning about ferrets the wrong way. Please don’t let them run around in your garden with out being supervised on a leash. They are just like you said, excellent escape artists, and will continue to do so. I know you don’t like your lil beans caged, nor do I, try letting them roam your house…it’s just as fun to them and safer (ferret proof your home as well). Again I’m very sorry.

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