Salivary Cysts in Ferrets


Saliva can accumulate under the skin of a ferret’s jaw, at the corners of its mouth or near its eye. This condition is called a salivary mucocele, or cyst.

This happens when saliva collects in the salivary ducts, or leaks into the tissue in or near the mouth, producing a large quantity of fluid, which then develops into a cyst.

Some symptoms if your ferret has this problem …

Loss of appetite
Difficulty swallowing
Pawing at the face

Problems can arise if a cyst forms under the tongue, as it can hamper the ferret’s ability to eat and drink.

If you notice any swellings on your ferret, take it to the vet immediately, because if you wait until the swelling becomes too big, it could make it difficult for the vet to diagnose where the cyst is located.


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(Last updated November 2019)



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