Salt and Pepper

by Kelby


Hello, a first time ferret owner here! Firstly, excuse my terrible grammar/ spelling (I’m on my phone xD)

I love my two ferrets, in fact infatuated would be a better word. They’re hilarious and both have massive personalities. It’s great watch them play and join in with the chaos.

I could babble on for hours about them and about how great they are but it’s getting late so I’m just going to share one of my “oopsie” moments.

Salt and Pepper are free roam ferrets, getting the run of the house. This is great and they were a breeze to litter train. However be warned, keep toilet seats down and double check your ferret proofing!!

My younger sister left a toilet seat up before going to school, me being in a morning daze didn’t double check before letting the carpet sharks out. After having a snuggle and a play fight the two monkeys headed upstairs while I sat in the front room guarding an indoor plant and doing course work.

Ages minutes later my ferret senses started to tingle and I went upstairs to find them. I found Pepper in the toilet! While I panicked, profusely apologised to her for my stupidity, fished her out and washed her off (even though the water was clean) and dried her, Salt had snuck downstairs and yep, some how ended up in the plant pot.

Came back down a few minutes later to find out cream sofa covered in mud, our cream carpet, covered in my and yep, Salt the albino ferret covered in mud. I felt terrible, more terrible than I can begin to describe that I was so stupid not to double check. It’s safe to say I learned a very valuable lesson. If your ferrets are free roam check your ferret proofing daily, then Double check, triple check and then check again!

Thankfully managed to get everything and everyone cleaned and dry before my mum came home.


Comments for Salt & Pepper

Feb 14, 2015 by: AnonymousOh Kelby, I reckon you thought of the best names for your ferrets!! So darned cute 😉I am so glad you didn’t have anything strong in the loo which might have hurt Pepper!! We’ve always made sure our loo seat was put down after our Rottie drank the loo water after we had some very strong cleaning stuff put in the cistern back in the day! Glad to say the vet said he’d be fine and he was :oAnd when it came to Salt’s adventure with the plant … well, I’m totally impressed with your ability to clean up 😀 LOL!!

Yes, ferrets are a handful and can be so destructive BUT … and this is the big BUT … they are such loving and sweet creatures that you really can’t be mad with them for long.

Ferrets!! Gotta love ’em 😉

I hope you have many happy years with your Salt and Pepper 😀

Lots of ferrets kisses to both your guys from my mob down under 🙂


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