sammie’s new mom

by cady

Hey I’m 20 and I’m a first time ferret owner! I just got Sammie about 4 days ago! He is a year and a half and I got him from people who could no longer take care of him!

I’m going to take him to the vet soon to make sure he is in good heath and if not then he needs to get help so he can get better! I’m already so in love with the little guy!

He loves to play with his toys and run around the house!! He loves his time out of his cage!! And when he is out I clean all his stuff and litter pan!! I’m a clean freak lol so he will love me for that lol 😀

He is my baby boy and I love him so much already!! I would have to say I was a little iffy on getting him but once I called him mine, it was the best choice I made!!

I’m already thinking of getting him a friend!!

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Oct 21, 2010 li
by: ferret dad

Hey, they do grow on you. Just do not wash him too much because he needs the oil on his skin.
We give Captain Boo a bath about every 4 months – some say that is too much.
They sell this awesome stuff that you put in the water that cuts the smell down, almost all the way.
It’s called Marshalls B-odor.
Sounded like my wife with Captain Boo. He gets much more attention than me!!!
Enjoy the lovable trouble maker.

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