scary moment

by tommy davis
(wales )

My grandad owns a farm in Wales and he has always been a hunting type.

When I was growing up, there was always a ferret running around with our 3 year old Jack Russell, Shany.

They got on really well so one day I took Gypo(our ferret)and Shany the terrier hunting in the woods on a nice Spring morning. When we got in the deep wood, I saw a stray cockerel which had always been a nasty piece of work.

When Gyp ran after him and attacked this chicken with the intention of ripping its head off. When Shany ran after it and started at the chicken as well, I had my 4/10 shot gun on me so I shot in the air so the animals stopped. Then Gyp ran up to me, as he does, climbed up my arm and stood on my shoulder. Then the cockerel started running at me so I edged back a little but then Shany started again. Gyp got at it so I grabbed Gyp but, out of the blue, Gyp bit me and Shany growled, so I gave Gyp a little smack and shouted at Shany!

Even today you can’t go near those two when hunting to kill so don’t ever come between a dog and a ferret killing a chicken because Gyp was going to go again when I put him in the box!


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Mar 07, 2011 Shany & Gyp
by: Anonymous 

That’s such an interesting story. I always thought that Jack Russells would have attacked a ferret but I guess if they’re brought up together then they can be friends.

That cockerel sounds like he was one mean rooster – LOL! So glad he didn’t hurt Shany or Gyp 🙂

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