by Brittany Murray
(Phelps N.Y )

 Laying i  think she was mad

Laying i think she was mad

 Laying i  think she was mad Being a brat Stuck up

I am 16 and I have been wanting a ferret forever. I just got my ferret a couple of days ago and she is so cute…..ALBINO and I love her to death already.

My biggest problem with Scrat is that she likes to get out of her little hammock and crap on the floor where her bed is. To top it off she is lazy big time and doesn’t really like to play a lot. Scrat & I love to sit and watch TV and sometimes we will pass out together.

Though Scrat is lazy, her favorite place to play is either on the top layer of her cage or down on the bottom in her litter (ewww i know right!!??!). When I first got her, I gave her one of my brother’s old baby blankets, she will sleep with it every night.

My favorite thing that she does is that when I take her out to cuddle or play she will go under her blanket and look up until I pick up her with her ” blankey”


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Jan 20, 2012 Scrat
by: Anonymous

Hey Brittany

Loved the photos of Scrat – what a gorgeous little girl you have and she sounds like she has the sweetest personality! Much nicer than my albino girl, who’s more like a silvermitt LOL!

I know she’s going to be your BFF and will give you many years of love and laughter.

Do let us know how she’s getting on and give her a big hug from her new friends down under 🙂

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