Sebaceous Epithelioma in Ferrets


These wart-like tumors are one of the most common skin tumors in ferrets and although they look pretty ugly, they are, in fact, mostly benign.

They should be removed surgically because if they are left as is, they will irritate the ferret and could cause an infection if the ferret scratches it and makes it worse.

© Pathology of the Domestic Ferret by Matti Kiupel
© Pathology of the Domestic Ferret by Matti Kiupel (used with permission) – Ferret Health Advancement at MSU


Do not self-treat with human wart medicine!

The son of friends of ours did — his ferret licked the ointment and died a horribly painful death ?



Information about Sebaceous Epithelioma in Ferrets can be found on this site …

Sebaceous epithelioma (VetBook)

There is a pdf called “Sebaceous Epithelioma in a Ferret” – it’s pretty technical but there’s a photo of a wart-like growth there so, if you’re interested in showing it to a non-savvy ferret vet, you can download it HERE.



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