Second time owner

by Richard
(Spring Hill, Florida)

Santa Rufus

Santa Rufus

I got my first ferret in 1984 and he died in 1999. Yes I know ferrets are suppose to live 7-10 years but Ichabod lived till he was a tired 15 year old man. Just like any animal we had a lot of fun and it was heart breaking when he passed. I had him through the Army (he never made it past a PFC) and years afterward.

I now have two more, Rufus 3 years and MoMo 2. They’re a lot of work, and aren’t cheap… but they’re the most hilarious pet there is. You’ll have HOURS of laughter watching and playing with them.

Every day I let them out a few times to play and it’s hard to find sitters whom you can trust with the little guys.

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Dec 27, 2009 Thank you for answer Richard.
by: Ingrid

I have one about 3 months old Hanna.

I appreciate you took the time to answer our questions. You are right about that, every being is different.

I would like to say to everyone that I know that petting and massaging your pet improves their inmune system and it should be done often in a way they would enjoy it.

These animals seem so strong and at the same time fragil when it comes to diseases or getting into trouble. I only allow mine to play in the couch and certain areas of the house, always under supervision. and still they manage to try to sneak something away from me. I don’t recommend it for people that will not spend time at home.

Mine does not like any meat but processed food, the doctor said that is actually better for her teeth.

Good luck to you all. 😉

Dec 24, 2009 Long Life for Ferret
by: Richard

No secret for him living so long. I got him while in the Army so he ate pretty much anything. Pet stores in Kansas did have ferret food so he ate kitten food and anything I had to eat.

I didn’t really know anything about ferrets so he had no special care. His brother died early but Ichabod was never at a vet and lived in a converted big dog cage. I’d let him out 2 – 3 times per day (sometimes for days at a time) and even had a small cage outside for him for the 70 degree days.

My new ferrets are fed more properly and go regularly to the vets, so I hope they live long lives too. He was neutered and descented at a young age but that’s it. He played till the week before he died. I guess like people, some just live unusually longer lives than most?

Dec 24, 2009 Yes, richard , tell us how you did it!
by: Ingrid

I would love to hear from you how you managed to make your ferret live that long.
Was it neutered when baby? or not?
Did it eat processed food?
please share with us!

Thank you.

Dec 10, 2009 Tell Us More
by: Gary


PLEASE tell us more on how you managed to keep him around for so very long. Exactly what did you feed him, etc.? 15 years is very rare, and whatever you were doing right is worth sharing. Please also consider joining our forum, as I’m sure you have a wealth of ferret knowledge others would be interested in.


Dec 02, 2009 Second time owner
by: JC

The picture is priceless. What a chunky sweetheart, I want to give him a big hug. Thanks so much. He just beautiful. I can relate to the joy & the laughter they bring. I have 5 little fuzzballs & there’s never a dull moment when they are up & running. Looking forward to seeing more of your kids.

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