Should I get a ferret? (or two)

I’ve always wanted a ferret but a few years ago my mom told me that the chances of me getting one were very slim. I got a ball python instead.
I also live with a 2 year old yellow Lab.

I’m 15 and I’ve recently decided to try, once more, to get one. I doubt my mom would let it roam around the house, but I imagine I’d let it run around in my room (which I constantly keep clean and dog-proofed) every day. I have enough money to care for it, and my parents would surely pay for the medical costs.

I’m still in school, of course, and I have an active social life, but I’m sure I can play around with it at least once a day.

My question, i suppose, would be “Should I get a ferret?”. Or, possibly two, in case I’m not able to play with them more than once a day?

Thanks. 🙂

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Aug 10, 2010 Pricey
by: AnonymousThey’re a lot more expensive than you’d probably think!

If your parents are covering the medical costs they should know that even one ferret will probably cost them more than your dog does! You’ll also need to be prepared to feed premium brand foods, not just supermarket stuff. Ferrets have very specific requirements.

They are amazing animals though 🙂

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