Sick Ferrets?

I’ve had an idea for a while – how to help people who have sick ferrets.

More importantly, how to help people who have sick ferrets, and who do NOT have access to a ferret-friendly/knowledgeable vet.

Lord knows, I’ve had a lot over the years, and I know so well the gut-wrenching awful anxiety which takes over when you don’t know what to do. Even worse, when your veterinarian doesn’t know either!

So, I’m working on interviewing a selection of vets, from around the world, who REALLY know their stuff!

Asking them questions, to provoke answers which will help YOU, the ferret owners.

Out of that will be an information-filled recording, not only for YOU, but a resource which you can hand to YOUR vet, in case ferrets aren’t their specialty.

To make sure we don’t miss anything, I’d like you to let me know what YOU would like covered in this resource, by clicking here and completing a 2 minute survey.

Let me know what you want!

I’ll let you know when it’s done.



HERE is that link again!

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