Sick Ferrets natural remedies

by Jacque
(Olean, NY ,USA)

Sweet Fluffy

Sweet Fluffy

I’d like to make sure that everyone knows I am not a vet. Just a ferret lover.

When my Fluffy was diagnosed with Insulinoma at the age of 6yrs, my vet suggested no more sugar in her diet. They only gave her a month or so to live, she was put on pendione(sp) and I put her on a mixture of Wysong Archetypal 1 & Duck Soup & Gerber stage 2 all meat.

I’d mix this in warm water to a paste like texture. I sometimes added the all natural supplement of Nupro in the place of the duck soup. You can also make them thin enough to force feed or in some cases I’d do this to make sure she got enough water.

She loved it & I feel she outlived the time she was given due to the change in her diet.

All my babies are now on the Archetypal 1 & 2 — it’s a True Non-Thermal (TNT) cold-processed food made by Wysong & so far I’ve been very lucky. No illness!

My Zoie who is going on 8 and is just as playful & healthy as the younger ones. This has worked for me.

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Jun 11, 2008 Fluffy and the others
by: Grace

Thanks for the information about your experience with Fluffy and the other ferrets.

My ferret has insulinoma but we can’t get the food you mentioned here in Australia so I am trying all kinds of different things to see what I can do to help my boy. I’ll let you know if anything works.

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