Slumber Party Panic

by Nikki Nelson
(Calgary AB Canada)

Me and my two best friends were having a sleep over and one of my friends wanted to see my ferret. I said ok and I went and got Klutz. So I let my friend hold him and then Klutz rolled around and nipped my friend! I scruffed Klutz and said “No!” But then Klutz hissed at me and so I was scared because he had never done that before! So I went to go put him back in his cage when he turned around and screeched at me! I was so scared that I dropped him and he ran away!

We spent the whole night looking for him and I was crying because we hadn’t ferret proofed that area of the house yet! Then I heard a scratching noise and looked up. I was in the kitchen BTW.

Klutz was in the ceiling in the kitchen! We took out a panel and I got him back! I was so happy but I was confused too! How could he have gotten up there? It turns out he had climbed up a heating duct and into the ceiling! We were all relieved too!



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Jun 25, 2014 hissing animals
by: Katherine

Hello, the same thing happened to me my ferret turned on me and started hissing while I was taking her back to her cage. Luckily quite a few years ago I dated a bloke who had two milk snakes and one was blind and he would do that a lot and then try to bite you.

So my reaction with Craquotte my ferret was to gently grab and hold her mouth shut with one hand and hold her to me until she calmed down.

One thing to never do with any animal is to let them think that if they hiss and spit and you that that is an easy was to make you put them down. Only let a calm animal go. There is nothing worse than your pet thinking that if they fake panic you will put them down faster.

Jan 04, 2014 You’re so lucky you found Klutz
by: Anonymous

I am really glad your story had a happy ending 🙂

I think Klutz got scared when he was introduced to your friends, so that’s why he nipped your friend’s finger and hissed and screeched at you.

Am very happy that you found him and got him out of the ceiling and I hope it never happens again 😀

Ferrets can cause their owners’ hair to turn gray, don’t you think? LOL!!!

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