Sneaky Daxter

by Alexis

My brother got a ferret for his 14th birthday and named him Daxter but I think his name should have been Bandit because of how mischievous he is! He loves to drag shoes (the ones he is able to bite onto….usually flip-flops and tennis shoes) and hide them under my mom’s queen sized bed. We have had shoes go missing for days but I think we have all the pairs back together again.

Because we have never had a ferret before, we were not aware of their behavior but I think we have learned a great deal from Daxter. I wish he would stop sneaking off with my shoes from my closet and the front door but we love that little guy!


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Jul 13, 2011 Daxter
by: Anonymous

Little Daxter sounds like a lot of fun! I’m sure you’re going to have to keep searching for your shoes – LOL!

Just a teeny word of warning – if Daxter likes grabbing your flip-flops, please make sure he doesn’t chew them because if he does, those bits of rubber he swallows *could* cause a blockage problem.

My guys leave my flip-flops alone but they like my husband’s … strange! I keep telling him to put them up on the top shelf of the wardrobe but he forgets and so I find bits missing from the sole.

All my guys get a small dose of laxative just to make sure those pesky bits get pooped out ;D

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