Sneaky Striper

by Rylea Yockey

Well I let my 3 ferrets run around the house when I kind of fell asleep 🙁 .

When i woke up after a 30 minute nap my ferret Striper (he was the best ferret alive!)was missing so after an hour I started to panic. I called my mom & dad to help me look & of course it was at 10:00P.M.! Then I started to look in my back yard & he had a collar on so I trying to hear him.When I walked by the outside of my dryer vent when I found his collar hooked on it! He had crawled through my dryer vent to my backyard !

We were out there till 2:00 in the morning trying to find him. Then I hung up flyers saying missing ferret,reward,& a picture.

My dad & my uncle went looking for Striper while I was at school. When I got home from school my mom came & told me that Striper didn’t make it 🙁 When she told me that it felt like the world just stopped. She said that my 2 Doberman Pinchers got him & killed him.

I swear he was the best ferret alive because he loved car rides,kids,& even baths!

But we gave him a nice funeral & we buried him 🙂 I miss him so much & he will always have a place in my heart!!


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Jul 06, 2009 don’t feel bad
by: melissa

I had 2 rats and I went to my grandmother’s. When I came back they were both dead!

Jul 05, 2009 your best friend
by: Anonymous

i didn’t know thats how he died – I thought he had heart problems. Well that stinks 🙁

Jul 01, 2009 Striper
by: Anonymous

I can imagine how awful you must have felt when you realized your Striper had been killed by your dogs.

He’s waiting for you at the Bridge and am sure he’ll be giving you lots of ferret kisses when he sees you again. But until then, hug your other ferrets and make sure they don’t get out!

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