Snowy Bower 2008 2009

by Sara Allison Bower
(Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Canada)

Snowy was a beautiful Female ferret with white fur and dark eyes.

I bought her from a couple who had gotten her for their son, who lost interest. I thought she’d make a great addition to our family. I have a male who is 3 and a half and a female who is 6 months old.

About a month and a half after I got her she came down with the flu, thanks to a knowledgeable vet and medication she quickly got better. A month later she was diagnosed with the heliobactor virus which is bacteria in the stomach. I couldn’t understand how she got this as I keep my ferrets in such a clean environment.

For three weeks I gave her her meds 4 times a day,
much to my dismay she was not getting any better. She passed away on Christmas Day 2009.

I thought my heart would break from the pain. I would have done anything to get her back. I prayed to God for me to be ill instead of Snowy.

I wear a litle heart around my neck that says “snowy”. She was such a sweetheart, I loved her SO SO much. She will never be forgotten.

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