sock gnomes

by david c
(milwaukee, WI, USA)

I’ve had my ferrets for 4 years now.

Shortly after bringing them home, I noticed that my socks were disappearing at an alarming rate. At the time i didn’t put 2&2 together. The ferrets stay in my room and I usually keep the cage open whenever I’m in the room.

A few weeks after having the ferrets home, I decided to rearrange my room to make it better for the ferrets to run around so i could keep an eye on them better.

I thought i knew Bucky’s (the male ferret) hiding place. When things would go missing from my room I’d just look behind my desk and there it would be, so I never thought it was him stealing my socks.

When I started moving the things around in my room, I moved the dresser…..and there they were, about 60 socks that went missing!!

At this point i turned to look at the cage and there’s Bucky, staring at me like, “Hey, what are you doing with my socks!”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

I figured out how he was getting them! I had my socks in the bottom drawer of the dresser. He would crawl into the drawer from behind and steal all my socks.

Now I keep my socks in the top drawer where he can’t get to them 🙂


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Nov 06, 2009 LOL!
by: Lissy

I can picture the look on his face when you started messing with his sock pile 😛 ferrets are so funny like that!

My boy loves to steal electrical things :S his favorite is the playstation controllers, but he loves power cords, headphones, etc as well 🙂

It’s so funny to see him darting across the room with controller in his mouth and the long cord trailing behind him!

My girl mostly loves to steal anything sweet she can find 🙂 lollies, popcorn, empty coke cans, empty beer bottles! She gets into the recyling area and goes crazy trying to get her head into the bottles!!!

Nov 05, 2009 sock gnomes
by: JC

Don’t bet on it !!! LOL If they can get into the bottom they will get to the top.

My BoBo is a sock loving ferret. Ed moved his socks to the top draw & sure enough that’s where I found BoBo & his favorite (toy) the little blue man.

You got to love the little buggers.

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