by Nicola
(Healesville moving to Resevoir)

I may be getting a ferret soon. I took the ticking box test above and ticked them all but the main thing I’m worried about is if I don’t ferret proof one thing coz I don’t know about and find it was a fatal mistake! I’m hoping that the first time will be a success!!!

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Jan 26, 2011 Nicola = don’t stress!
by: Anonymous

You just make sure you keep your eye on your ferret and all will be well. As the site says – be paranoid!

Make sure you check your ferret’s not in the washing machine, the dishwasher or anywhere else it could be hurt.

Check once, check again (and this is if you allow your ferret to be free roaming, like mine are). If you’re not sure, do not turn any machines on. Put your ferret/s away, shut the door then turn the machines on.

What’s that latin phrase? “Festina lente.” That is so good for ALL ferret owners.

Translated means “Make haste slowly” or “More haste, less speed”.

Make sure you know where your ferret is before turning on any machine and then everything will be super cool 🙂

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