Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Ferrets


This is the most common tumor of the ferret jaw and affects both the upper and lower jaws.

Symptoms include:

Red gums
Bad breath
Tooth loss
Loss of appetite
Difficulty eating dry food

If you suspect your ferret has this problem, take it to the vet immediately as early intervention is vital for your ferret’s survival.

Sadly I knew someone who had two ferrets and both contracted this cancer! Poor girl was shattered – bad enough that one of her ferrets got it but after she buried her boy, she noticed a lump on her girl’s face  ? Both cancers were very fast-acting and there wasn’t much that the vet could do apart from trying to make them as comfortable as possible until they had to be put to sleep ?

© Pathology of the Domestic Ferret by Matti Kiupel
© Pathology of the Domestic Ferret by Matti
Kiupel (used with permission) – Ferret Health Advancement at MSU


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(Last updated November 2019)



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