squeaky clean ferret

by kat egger

One day I was doing my laundry and I had forgotten to do a check up on my fuzzbut (aka Zippy) . I got everything loaded into the washer and went to get Zippy for playtime when I heard a faint squeaking noise .

I investigated the situation by looking in his cage (which was by the washer). I immediately saw him in our frontloader having what seemed liked tons of fun as he spun around repeatedly.

I quickly turned off the washer and grabbed and cuddled my Zippy until I calmed down. I believe I was more scared then he was.

I’m sure that was the best bath he has ever had XD. From now on we always do a head count before any household chore!


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Oct 21, 2013 OMG!!!
by: Anonymous

Kat, how totally lucky were you! I can’t imagine how awful it would have been if you’d not checked where Zippy was and only found him when taking the clothes out of the washing machine! Augh!

Glad to hear that you check where your little friend is before doing your chores and I hope that you’ll never have another scare like that again!!

Your Zippy is one very fortunate little ferret 🙂

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